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Professional Tennis Players Who Started Late. April 25, 2020. September 7, 2019 by Ryan. Just like many other sports, tennis is quite unpredictable. A player may spend their whole career without getting a chance to shine, only to achieve incredible feats later in their careers. Many players struggled at the beginning of their careers, and some even got ranked in the top 10, all without winning any major titles until the very end of their careers.

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The only example that comes to my mind is of John Isner. He turned pro when he was 22, after playing college level tennis for many years, which can be considered late by many standards. He is a noted top-20 player and has upset the likes of all-time greats like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. However, he got his major breakthrough in Wimbledon 2010, when he was 25.

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To a pro, I don't think hitting with mom and dad at the country club twice a week constitutes "playing tennis," but to me it does. But if you're going to start at 10, having a former pro for a father is probably ideal.

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Wawrinka is one of the few late bloomers in tennis. These are players who turned pro more than a decade ago, but they didn't see their best results until late in their careers.

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This is not always the case however, and history proves that some of the best athletes in the world were late bloomers. This means they may not have started playing the sport until they were in to their teen years (or possibly even later), or perhaps they did not show any skill or talent until they were much older and took everyone (including ...

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If you started tennis as a teenager and worked your way up (playing every day with a strong, high level coach) you might be able to squeeze into a lower D1 school. The current top 100 of players (ATP and WTA) took years and years to get the strength, mental game, and muscle memory they now have.

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At the age of 15 is very late for a tennis player to start. However, it all depends on what are you shooting for. If he wants to go pro, it is definately too late. If he wants to play high level college, it is probably also too late. However, if his passion is for tennis, his love for the game may make up alot of grounds for his age.

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Joel Embiid didn't start playing basketball until age 15, or training to become a pro until age 16, and was drafted 3rd overall. Tim Duncan didn't start playing basketball until his freshman year of high school, and is now widely considered among the best to ever play. Steven Adams didn't star playing until age 15, and was later drafted 12th ...

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Answer (1 of 4): Ultimately, there are a variety of factors outside of your age that determine whether you can make a living on the pro circuit, but speaking strictly to your question, I would say it is not too late.