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Unlike in soccer though, the volleyball player cannot trap the ball with their foot but must hit it as per normal. Trapping the ball remains illegal and would be considered a fault, with the point awarded to the opposing team.

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Therefore, the ball can be struck by a player’s foot and still be in play. The rule even impacts the double contact rule, allowing for simultaneous contact of the ball with the foot and hand on a team’s first contact (such as serve receive or defensive dig). If a volleyball player determines their only hope for a dig or reaching the ball is with his or her foot, then it is perfectly acceptable to make that play and continue the rally.

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Can you use your feet in volleyball? No, you cannot. If your play is the general one, then it is an offense and you will get the penalty for it. In case of the volleyball with foot, you must, because, it is solely by the feet. Hope, you got the points well.

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Yes, you can kick the ball in volleyball. According to the FIVB, rule 9.2.1 “The ball may touch any part of your body”. So in reality, you can hit the ball with your foot all the time. If you can kick the ball, why don’t players do it more often? Like I said at the beginning, you can kick the ball with your foot all the time.

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Answered 1 year ago · Author has 204 answers and 901.4K answer views. You can kick the volleyball with your feet, but 99% of the time you shouldn’t. Football (soccer) players practice handling balls with their feet. (I apologize for the double entendre.)

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When the ball hits any part of your body, including the leg or the foot, it constitutes a legal hit. Another USA Volleyball rule update for the 2010 season slightly changed the rule regarding physical support for a teammate. Previously you couldn't get a teammate's help to reach a ball.

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The rules of volleyball clearly state that "the ball may touch any part of the body" when hitting the ball -- including the foot. This means that kicking the ball is legal and counts as a hit.

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You can take 3 steps or 4 steps to make the spike, but the conventional approach is to take 4 steps. Take a small step with your right foot. Take a bigger, quicker step with your left foot towards where you think the ball is getting set. Take a big step with your right foot to place you at the best take off position to jump.