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Thursday, December 02, 2021
  • viral tweets, tablet like landphone, smart landline phone, landline phone with smartscreen, KT5 (3C), odd news, indian express

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    Identifying the phone as KT5 (3C), the man who posted the photo informed that the tablet is fully functionally and is not restricted to just one place like landlines in old times.

  • live proposal, live tv photobomb, racing tv marriage proposal, tv live bloopers, man propose racing tv, viral videos, indian express

    basketball match houston

    🔴 In an awkward moment a man saw his marriage ‘proposal’ go down in flames – only to come back smiling thanks to the clip’s hilarious ending.

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  • Joe Biden, US President, stutter, little girl, social media viral, indian express

    australian tennis association president

    🔴 US President Joe Biden also invited the little girl to the White House and said, “I don’t know if you could do this. Maybe you can come down to White House one day.”

  • lion tug of war, lion pull jeep rope, south africa lion pulls rope safari jeep, viral videos, lion tourist jeep videos, indian express

    carnival queen slot

    🔴 As the video went viral, many felt it was a careless move, prompting the tourism company to explain that “it wasn’t done to intentionally attract or play with the animal.”

  • new covid variant, Omicron, Omicron variant memes, new covid strain memes, B.1.1.529, new variant B.1.1.529, viral news, indian express

    liverpool football match today time

    🔴 As the World Health Organization classified a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, as a ‘variant of concern’, netizens are trying to keep up their spirits sharing memes.

  • Fagradalsfjall volacno, Iceland volcano, crater collapse, drone shot, social media viral, indian express

    liverpool soccer bag

    🔴 Netizens were left awestruck to watch the crater rim collapse while fire and dust emerged in a perfect blend of colours.

  • slug rings doorbell, UK woman, slug on security camera, social media viral, indian express

    mlb all star game predictions 2021

    🔴 The security footage revealed a ‘mysterious’ object in front of the door, creeping her out.

  • crocodile attack, Philippines amusement park croc attack, visitor jumps croc pool for selfie, man climbs crocodile enclosure for photo, viral videos, indian express

    carnival queen slot

    🔴 Although the man’s family was initially upset, they decided not to “press any charges” against the park’s management after both parties came to an understanding.

  • bear close door, woman commands bear close door, wild bear videos, bear enter home, new jersey bear closes door, viral videos, indian express

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    🔴 In the clip, the woman addresses the animal as ‘Mr Bear’ and politely asks, “Will you please close my door?” Believe it or not, the animal obliges

  • Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne Johnson surprise fan, Dwayne Johnson gifts fan own truck, Dwayne Johnson gives navy vet own truck, viral news, indian express

    tennis elbow acc

    The actor initially wanted give his fan the Porsche he drove in Red Notice, however, when the company said no, he surprised the man with his personal vehicle.

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  • british parliament baby ban, no baby in parliament, Stella Creasy baby,

    introduction to basketball video

    🔴 Following the outcry online, Bitish Parliament to review rules on babies after MP reprimanded for taking young son into chamber.

  • tennis bracelet singapore

    🔴 An 82-year-old woman was seen dangling upside down from a clothes rack after falling from the 19th floor of a building.

  • soccer zone trampoline park

    Built in the 1860s, the Gothic-style chapel at the sprawling college campus stands 163ft (50m) high.

  • teddy, girl reunites with teddy, Iceland to UK, social media viral, indian express

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    After finding his daughter sad about losing the soft toy, Hatties’s father Richard Sains’s posted on a Facebook group Travel Iceland about it which paved way for Cowie’s journey back home in Essex, UK.

  • dubai princess, stray cat tiger cage, tigers attack stray cat, dubai princess video cat rescue tiger cage, Latifa Al Maktoum, good news, indian express

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    Thanks to quick intervention by two keepers, the little cat was saved from the clutches of the three big tigers.

  • fawad chaudhry, fawad chaudhry garlic ginger confusion, garlic is adrak, fawad chaudhry adrak is garlic, viral video, pakistan news, indian express

    jangali com online shopping mobile

    Although people around him prompted that garlic is lehsun, the Pakistani minister was heard saying, “Garlic is adrak (ginger).”

  • tennis gear prices

    Henry Temmermans from Nunspeet was driving on the A28 highway near Harderwijk when he spotted another car swerving off the road and onto the grass, moving forward out of control.

  • Guiness world record, cycling record, mental health, social media viral, indian express

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    Pedalling through the streets of London for 12 hours, Anthony Hoyte, known as “Pedalling Picasso”, drew “Mr Movember” on GPS.

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  • Atlanta airport, Atlanta airport gun discharge, us gun laws, accidental discharge gun, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, indian express

    basketball match houston

    Although people were glad that no one was seriously injured by the firearm, the incident sparked a furore online with people calling for stronger gun laws to ensure the safety of civilians.

  • money rain san diego, san diego freeway cash spill, armoured truck money spill, people grab money california highway, viral videos, indian express

    carnival queen slot

    After the videos went viral, authorities have arrested two people and are looking for more, who were seen in several videos taking the cash off the streets.

  • turkey, turkey cats, double ear cat, cat with four ears, midas four ears cats, cat genetic mutation, cat with four ears viral sensation, indian express

    soccer positions diagram and descriptions

    Though Midas’ appearance may be unusual, her condition does not affect her health or hearing, according to her veterinarian Resat Nuri Aslan.

  • volleyball net height high school

    The SpaceX CEO was giving update on Starship while speaking at National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), when his son, too, was seen in the frame.

  • women throw party at airport, booze party, alcohol party at airport, social media viral, indian express

    tennis world tour 2 switch

    Throwing alcohol bottles away did not seem to be a nice option for two women heading to Miami, instead they decided to spread cheers and make merry at airport.

  • elephant cross fence, elephant climb over fence, elephant cross over fence, elephant climb fence nagarahole, viral videos, indian express

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    Mahesh Kumar, Director of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve confirmed the video was recorded in the Veeranahosally Range. He confirmed that the animal was doing fine.

  • injured deer runs into hospital, deer, deer goes to hospital, deer video, United States, social media viral, odd news, indian express

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    An injured deer ran into a hospital in Louisiana, US, looking for help. It hoofed up an escalator and reached the medical centre’s second floor.

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